Three of Kanab’s most renowned photographers, Eldon Byland, Sandy Byland and Barry Glazier, have been showcased in the prestigious “Cowboys & Indians” magazine’s Special Collector’s Issue, “Photographing the West” (March 2012).

“This is a very big honor for all three of us,” said artist/photographer Sandy Byland. “They receive thousands of entries every year, so the competition is tough. This issue is collected by people all over the world each year, showcasing some of the best photography in the west.”

There are five categories for the competition and only a few photographs are selected for publication in the Special Collectors Edition. The fact that three Kanab artists have been showcased is quite extraordinary! Both Eldon and Sandy Byland were chosen for the Landscape category and Barry Glazier was chosen for the Wildlife category.

Eldon Byland’s photograph called ‘”Escarpment” was taken in Paria after a storm at day’s end. The colorful sediments of the Paria hills are complimented by a gorgeous sky, creating a stunning landscape. “We went out there that day hoping for conditions that would allow me to capture the feeling of this amazing place, and we were lucky!” said Eldon. Luck is always a component in nature photography, but that luck comes with a great deal of planning, effort and vision.

Sandy Byland’s “Zion Kolob Matterhorn” was taken in the Kolob area of Zion National Park, again at the end of a stormy day. “I got the shot at the exact last moment before the light went out at the end of the day,” said Sandy. “You have to be ready or you miss the great moments!” The dramatic lighting on the peak in this less-known area of Zion is reminiscent of the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

Barry Glazier’s beautiful photograph “Velvet” is a striking study in golden hues of a buck deer on a hillside. Wildlife is a particularly difficult discipline for photographers. Subjects are hard to find and can move quickly out of range. It takes patience and persistence, along with the knowledge of how to best get the shot. Glazier is well known for these talents.

The March 2012 Special Collector’s Edition of Cowboys & Indians magazine goes on sale at news stands soon. Take a look and enjoy some of the best photography of the west from our own talented Kanab photographers!