Kim Seegmiller, Department of Corrections, spoke in favor of starting a Drug Court in Kanab. The Drug Court program has been very successful in other districts and has proven to be a benefit to the individual with outpatient treatment and a reduction in crime. Drug Court is for offenders who want help.

In Kane County, there is concern about the high suicide rate. Many are associated with substance abuse. There are some costs associated with the Drug Court model. Seegmiller and Court Clerk Holly Ramsey will research actual costs and funding. They will also investigate if it is possible for existing departments to absorb. A major question is how to handle the judge situation every week. Currently the judges that handle this in other areas are here every two weeks.

At the public input section, Janey Lassen and Heather Ranken, Big Water Town Council, spoke in favor of an elected, rather than commission-appointed, Water Board. They both felt their needs to be a partnership, rather than competition. Currently several terms have expired on the Water Board.  Commissioner Jim Matson said that applications and interviews are currently in progress.

The commissioners all agreed they need to check various boards for member expirations, advertise and schedule interviews.

The commission approved Title V application for a section on Bald Knoll Road. This short section is not eligible for RS2477 claims.

Attorney Van Dyke is preparing a deed conveyance for the Health Department. He was asked to include if the Health Department leaves, it would revert back to the county.

The commission approved a total of $3,587 for three indigent burials.

Documents were approved and signed making it official that the Kane County Employees Health Plan is self-insured.

Also approved was the transfer of 401K funds from John Hancock to Transamerica. Dave Owens reported a full percentage per employee would be saved. The benefit is worth the change. The commission voted to support the trustee’s decision to make the change.

Commissioner Doug Heaton updated the commissioners on staff concerns of the Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District. There are disagreements between new and older staff members and there have been several resignations.

A Loss Prevention/Safety Board and Accident Review Board was established and determined who would be on the board. The purpose of this board will be to manage insurance, prevent loss and review implementation and accident policies. Members will come from various departments. A Risk Awareness Program was approved which will have mandatory training programs and incentives.

From the consent agenda, the Rural Unimproved Subdivision parcels in the Bar K subdivision were tabled until necessary documents are received.

Also removed from the consent agenda was approval of the Chapter 7 Commercial Zones. It needs to be noticed as an ordinance because of changes, rather than be on the consent agenda.

The commission denied a request for a refund of the 10% held back for Canyon Land Development. The warranty is up in April and the money will be returned then. The commission felt everyone needs to be treated the same and they (commissioners) need to be stewards for Kane County. The roads in question will be inspected before the warranty is up.

The Commission Chair for 2012 will be Commissioner Jim Matson. Former Commissioner Chair Doug Heaton received a round of applause for his time as chair.