A group of three out-of-state couples rented a 20-foot speedboat to tour the wonders of Lake Powell on Saturday, April 25, but their fun recreational trip resulted in a terrible tragedy. The boat was in Padre Bay around 5 p.m. when strong Spring winds began flooding the vessel and it quickly began to sink. Chaos resulted.

"It was a high wind event," commented Kane County Deputy Sheriff Tracy Glover. "The boat just started taking on water and it''s on the bottom of the lake."

Search and rescue operations began after a call notified National Park Service dispatch that there was an overdue boating party. A ranger responding to the call located Jim and Heather Brady near the shore of Padre Butte. They were taken to the Page Hospital and treated for hypothermia and later released.

Two women’s bodies were later recovered. Katherine Prescott, of St. Petersburg, FL was recovered near the shoreline on Saturday. Mary Anne Taranto, of Prescott Valley, AZ, was recovered on Sunday morning during search operations. Two males, still missing, are from the same locations as the females. 

All couples involved were in their late 50-to early 60s.