Donald Brewster, 58, Texas, was killed in a plane crash late Sunday afternoon. Brewster, in Kanab for the first time for the Rutan Fly-in, was returning from a flight to Bryce Canyon when his experimental plane crashed about five miles north of Kanab.

County could lose $1.4 million in PILT money. The Kane County Commission was told by financial consultant Gil Miller that it was likely Kane County will not get any PILT funding in 2012. In 2011, Kane County received $1,400,000 in PILT funding.

The Department of Energy held a public hearing concerning the draft EA on the Utah Coal and Biomass Fueled project (gasification plant) planned for Kanab. The draft EA has been distributed and September 16 will be the end of the formal comment period. They came up with a finding of No Significant Impact. Dr. Dan Driscoll, DOE tech manager for fuels, hydrogen and Syngas, office of fossil energy, said the project was a Congressional earmark initiated by Senator Bob Bennett on September 30, 2009.

Kane County Commissioners give themselves an 85% raise. Commissioners Matson and Clayson voted aye, with Commission Chair Heaton voting against. The commissioners will see their salary raised from $21,000 per year to $39,000.

New dinosaur species found on GSENM. BLM paleontologist Dr. Alan Titus unveiled the Talos sampsoni at an event at Jacob Hamblin Park. The new dinosaur is a member of a rare group of feathered, bird-like theropod dinosaurs whose evolution in North American has been a source of scientific debate, largely due to lack of supporting fossil material…until now. Federal dignitaries were on hand at the ceremony to honor the newly named dinosaur and the Monument’s 15-year anniversary.

An article presented the progress on the construction of the Jackson Flat Reservoir.

The Kane County Commission has decided to defer the salary increase they voted to give themselves earlier this month. According to Commissioner Matson, they will not take their raises until two things occur.

1) Completion and implementation of the parity wage study and job description underway for county employees has been completed.

2) The commissioners come up with at least a 10% reduction in property taxes. When both of these occur, the 85% raise from $21,000 to $39,000 will begin.


The Taxpayers Association appeals Viresco’s site plan. Lawyers representing Kanab City, David Elmont; the Planning and Zoning Commission, Gregory Hardman and Tyson Horrocks; and the Kane County Taxpayers Association, John Barth, debated the validity of the city council to grant approval of Viresco Energy site plan for the coal gasification plant in Kanab.

Landslide closes Highway 14 on Cedar Mountain. UDOT closed State Route 14 eight miles east of Cedar City following a landslide, to address safety concerns and assess repair options. The slide destroyed approximately 800 feet of the road at milepost 8.

Three people tragically died in a head-on crash on Highway 89 north of Kanab. Leslie Wander, 65, Briarcliff Mar, New York, Kristine Kolster, 61, Aurora, Colorado, and Richard Poll, 71, were all killed in the fatal accident.

UDOT now says State Route 14 will be closed three to four months after the massive landslide. The slide debris is as deep as 100 feet in at least one location.

The Kane County Commission and Kane County Sheriff’s Office would like to announce the grand opening of the new Kane County Public Safety Complex. They will take possession of the new building on November 4.


The Kanab City Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club provided citizens another chance to hear from the eight candidates running for three open seats on the Kanab City Council.

The Sixth District Court has granted Kanab City’s motion to dismiss the Taxpayer Association of Kane County’s lawsuit against Kanab City regarding the general plan amendment and zone change for the property for the proposed Viresco Energy project.

Fredonia Town Council dedicates 200 East as Osa Figgins Avenue.

Kane County Chief Deputy Tracy Glover cuts the ribbon to the new Kane County Public Safety Building. Several state dignitaries attended the festivities, including Lt. Governor Greg Bell, State Representative Mike Noel and USDA State Director for Rural Development David Conine. They joined area law enforcement officers to celebrate the opening of the state of the art building south of Kanab.

The Kanab City Council upheld the decision of the Kanab City Planning Commission to approve the site plan application of Viresco Energy. The Kane County Taxpayer Association appealed the plan approved in May.

In a six person race for three open Kanab City Council seats, incumbent Cheryl Brown, Kirt Carpenter and Joe B. Wright received the voters’ nod for election.

The 2012 Kane County budget has 10% cut in property taxes.

The Offices of the Governor and Utah Attorney General announced the filing of federal lawsuits to settle ownership rights on roads in Garfield and Kane Counties. The first lawsuit filed was on November 10, and concerned 710 Kane County road segments.

Lt. Governor Greg Bell and Education Deputy Christine Kearl paid an information-gathering visit to the Kane County School District.

Reconstruction on the old crossing to the Ranchos is now complete. The old crossing is now the new crossing!

After 25 years of service to Kanab City, public facilities maintenance supervisor Jim Aziz is retiring.


The Alliance for a Better Utah filed a Hatch Act complaint against Utah State House Representative Mike Noel (R) of Kanab. The Hatch Act concerns public servants who hold a job that receives federal funding. In addition to his elected position, Noel directs the Kane County Water Conservancy District.

Kenneth Bistline named Public Works Director for the Town of Fredonia.

The clock tower, as well as the old LDS Stake Center on Main Street, were demolished last week. New construction on the stake center will begin promptly.