The artistic side of Fredonia students and teachers shone last Wednesday at the National Honor Society’s Art Exhibit held to benefit the band.  Pencil and chalk drawings, poetry and collage were on display at the Fredonia Schools Media Center. 

Advisor Jan Hirschi was on hand to explain the remarkable mission of the National Honor Society as a service organization. There are currently five members, all of whom must go through an application process and maintain a 3.0 gpa or higher. According to Hirschi, “the students try to do things to benefit others.”

They choose worthy organizations, then plan and execute projects to raise funds for them. 

“Most organizations these days are just me, me, me, we’re not like that. We are here to benefit others,” continued Hirschi.  She explained that the students see the projects to completion on their own. “The kids do all the work, which teaches them leadership.” 

The students chose the Fredonia band as their December group to help.  What better way to help artists than with art? They will gladly take donations for band after the event as well.

In January, they will raise funds for Heavenly Hats, a nonprofit organization that provides hats to chemotherapy patients.

To raise funds they will sell tickets January 9-12, 2012 to anyone who would like to wear a hat during class, which, according to school policy, is not allowed.

No hat?

No worries, Hirschi will gladly make a paper one for you. Heavenly Hat Day will take place on January 12, 2012. Donations are greatly appreciated.

In the spring, students plan to raise funds for the Fredonia Park Project. 

The members of the Fredonia National Honor Society are learning vital skills while making a difference in the community. 

Thank you to the students and Mrs. Hirschi for their dedication to helping others.