The Crescent Moon Theatre will be the site of the 2009 spring concert by the Symphony of the Canyons.

The Symphony of the Canyon’s “Chamber and Ensemble” concert will take place on Friday, May 8, at 7:30 p.m. and will include special feature performances by the orchestra’s woodwinds and brass players.

“The Crescent Moon will provide a more intimate atmosphere, giving concert-goers a feeling of a recital,” said Kortney Stirland, conductor. “It will be a bit smaller, cozier, and provide the audience with a more close-up view of the performers.”

The spring concert is one of five more for the Symphony of the Canyons in 2009. The next performance will be July 25, a joint celebration of the symphony’s 25th anniversary and the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Best Friends Animal Society. Both organizations were formed in 1984.

The May 8 program will include four string players performing movements from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” Also on the program will be two string pieces arranged by Kanab’s Virgil Barstad, who is the symphony’s concertmaster. The performance will be highlighted by a winds ensemble (brass, woodwinds and percussion) performing Holst.

Stirland said he was looking forward to featuring individual members of the orchestra in the “Chamber and Ensemble” event. “It’s a different kind of excitement level at this type of event, where we can really showcase the high level of talent that we have in our local symphony,” he said. 

Tonny van der Leeden, chairman of the board for Symphony of the Canyons, announced the addition of two new members of the symphony’s board of directors. Betty Colston, who owns Colston Enterprise, a company specializing in business applications of the software program, QuickBooks, has been named the position of treasurer. Joe Houston of Zion’s Bank, has also joined the board.

Future symphony events:

•July 25-Joint celebration of the 25th anniversary of Symphony of the Canyons and Best Friends Animal Society;

•August-Summer Sizzle Concert at the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

•October- Halloween Concert

•December-Christmas Fund Raiser Symphony Performance.