New Commissioners Jim Matson and Dirk Clayson were sworn into office by Kane County Clerk Karla Johnson.

Fredonia is competing in a Reader’s Digest competition. The town could win up to $40,000 for improvements to its park.

Cedar Mountain residents are still struggling from multiple strikes from Mother Nature. A major December 18, 2010 storm left several feet of snow in some areas of the district, as well as downing trees and power lines. Kane County law enforcement and officials, CMFPD personnel and Garkane Energy have been working practically around the clock to restore power and help stranded residents.

Kanab resident Betty Colston was elected as the 2011 Kanab Chamber of Commerce President. Daniel Church will serve as vice president.

World renowned fossil expert, Dr. Kirk Johnson, will be speaking at the Kanab City Library about the remnants of ancient life that you can find in the American west.

“Hairless” was presented by the Goodtime Community Theater at the Crescent Moon Theater.

A large sink hole about 40 yards long created from the recent heavy snow melting took out a large chunk of the Stout Canyon Road.

Jim Guthrie, president of Viresco Energy LLC, based in Riverside, CA, along with Viresco scientist Dr. Arun Raju and Thebeau Consulting engineer Josh Beazer, came before the Kanab City Planning Commission on January 13 to answer questions and state their case for approval of the coal hydro-gasification plant Viresco seeks to build in Kanab.

The January 20 Kanab City Planning Commission was even more crowded, with Kanab and surrounding area residents hoping to find out more about the proposed coal gasification plant. Many had submitted questions prior to the meeting and were there to make sure their questions were answered by the commission. The commission attempted to assure those in attendance that they would look into all potential impacts that the pilot plant poses.

Four letters to the editor were against the gasification plant.

Jeremy Utter, 34, Fredonia, was found dead on January 23 by a law enforcement official near the Fredonia dike. Utter had been missing and family had been looking for him for four days.

Internationally renowned ragtime pianist Mimi Blais will perform a concert at the Kanab High School. The event is free and is sponsored by Dixie State College and the Center for Education, Business and the Arts.


Dr. David Salter, in a guest editorial concerning the Viresco project, said the following, “We as individuals and this community collectively are being asked to be the lab rats for Viresco. We are being asked to absorb all of the toxicity of Mr. Guthrie’s R&D efforts and we are guaranteed to never receive any of the benefit. The risk benefits analysis does not even begin to add up for me and I resent being Viresco’s lab rat. So I am asking you in your capacity to block further development of this ill-conceived project.”

In that week, Dr. Salter was one of seven people writing in opposition to the gasification plant.

Kanab entrepreneur sets global standard. Kanab resident Maria Roper has built a translation business that serves customers from all over the world. Horizon Translating and Interpreting, the business created by Roper from her home, provides a valuable communication tool for companies or individuals whose business involves or relies on people of other nationalities or languages.

Three men were arrested after a search warrant was executed by the Kane County Drug Task Force, along with other law enforcement agencies. Michael Troy Simpson, 45, Val James Reynolds, 48, and Cory Berney, 21, were all arrested at a local Kanab residence. Charges concerned drug trafficking and burglary.

Five letters to the editor against the gasification plant were in the 2/9/11 edition.

December storm on Cedar Mountain results in disaster declaration.

Six more letters to the editor against the gasification plant, with two in favor.

The Paria River District honored 23 Eagle Scouts.

Somebody is stealing copper wire from Garkane! A reward is being offered to anyone supplying information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for stealing the wire from over 100 power poles in its southern system. The thefts occurred near the Uranium mines near Centennial Park.


Fredonia Town Council selects Alvy Johnson for an open seat.

Kane County Land Use Authority Administrator Gary Smith submitted his letter of resignation. He has been the LUA Administrator since 2006.

Utah’s nationally-admired Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), one created over 20 years ago and praised by many for its governmental openness, has been eviscerated by the Utah State Legislature. The new law will make sweeping changes in the public’s ability to scrutinize their elected officials and access public documents.

“Unlike every other state in the country,” said FOI expert Charles Davis of University of Missouri. “Utah is now embracing the concept that the medium, rather than the message, is what’s important when it comes to openness.”

Some 350 students from the Tropic area were able to poke and prod the skull cast of a 75 million year old animal known as Deinosuchus after staff from the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Utah Museum of Natural History unveiled it.

Dr. Richard Boardman, Ph.D and State Representative Mike Noel answer questions regarding the proposed gasification plant in Kanab at a forum sponsored by the Kanab Chamber of Commerce.

Governor Gary Herbert noticed legislative leaders that he will call the Utah State Legislature into special session to repeal HB477, Government Records Amendments. “It is clear to me that HB477, both in process and substance, has resulted in a loss of public confidence. By repealing HB477 and formulating a working group, the Utah State Legislature now has the opportunity to work with the media and the public to restore that confidence.”

The Southern Utah News brought home a record 13 state excellence awards in the 2010 Utah Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest.

Representative Mike Noel (R-Kanab), was one of only three in the Utah State House of Representatives who didn’t vote to repeal HB477.


The Kane County Sheriff’s Office held a Tactical Tracking Class. The class, started by law enforcement officer Dan Watson, has grown in popularity, attracting police officers from all over the western United States.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert authorized the lowering of the flag of the United States of American and the flag of the State of Utah in honor of Senator Dennis Stowell’s death. “Senator Stowell was a great friend with whom I worked for nearly two decades. We met when we were both county commissioners. Dennis was a man of singular intellect who had a deep understanding of many issues of great importance to his native Iron County and to the state of Utah.”

The American Clean Energy Resource Trust took local officials on a tour of Denison’s Arizona 1 Uranium Mine. Commissioners from Kane, Garfield, San Juan, Washington and Mohave Counties were in attendance.

The Taxpayers Association of Kane County filed a petition for review with the Sixth District Court in Kane County challenging the City of Kanab zoning approvals of Viresco Energy LLC. Viresco wants to construct and operate a coal gasification plant inside the city limits of Kanab.

2011 Kanab Area Vacation Guide hits the street this week.

Kane County Hospital full time employees get cost of living increase.