The Kanab City Council considered piggyback projects related to the UDOT resurfacing project of Hwy 89 through Kanab slated to begin next spring. Since the road will be stripped down to its bed, the city has an opportunity to replace aging six inch lead jointed water lines on 300 South and Center streets with new 12 inch and eight inch pipes respectively.

A new 48 inch storm water drain pipe, paid for by UDOT, between 400 East to 100 East along 300 South is being considered as well. The storm line would be further extended from the intersection of 100 East and 300 South westward to Kanab Creek with that expense totally the city’s.

Coordinating these projects with UDOT’s project would save the city $80,000 in paving costs when these projected projects were done subsequently. The issue confronting the council, if they elect to proceed with these projects, will be how to fund their share of them.

The water project will cost between $350K and $400K. City Manager Duane Huffman offered two possible funding sources. Kanab’s water fund, which has a healthy balance, is one. The other involves half the expense coming from the water fund, and the other half as a loan from the Kane County Water Conservancy District, with only half of that amount being repaid to the KCWCD.

The storm drain’s projected $350K cost cannot be supported by the general fund, and would also likely be a transfer from the water fund, the payback of those funds being optional. Applying for a Community Impact Board grant by February is another option the council needs to entertain.

The Hwy 89A road and sewer project along the entrance to the new BLM building is nearing completion with the storm drain, curb and gutter and road base in place.

However, paving the road cannot proceed until air temperatures reach 45-50 degrees and rising. It’s likely at this time that it will have to wait until next spring and the road graveled in until then.

Ben Clarkson and Matt Brown, representing Bemadi, Inc., which owns lots on the west end of the Coral Cliffs Golf Course, came before the council to request extensions to 13 lapsed building permits they have been unable to act on since being issued on August 21, 2006. Their cost for these permits was $13,000.

Building permits lapse after 180 days, although building inspector Russ Keller stated the situation is not unique in Kanab. The building permit itself does not state an expiration date, although it is in the building codes, which Keller stated developers should be aware of.

Council discussion of the request centered on making the permit deadlines clear, but not absolving the applicants for some personal responsibility. The council will evaluate what credit should be given Bemadi for renewal of these permits.

The council voted to pay $17,000 for land owned by the Dale Clarkson family that was deeded to the city and utilized in the construction of the new Kanab Creek Drive bridge.

The council approved a grant from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development for $10,000 committed to the construction of the Kanab Outdoor Performing Arts Center anticipated to be built behind the Heritage Museum next year.

Other items presented by Huffman included a revised City Personnel Policy being formulated to clear up policies. This included removing merit pay raise reviews from the council’s responsibilities and having the department heads evaluate their staff.

Another issue was health insurance coverage, which the city is not obligated to pay for and which can change every year depending on the city’s financial situation and affordable coverage. When the revisions are completed, city employees will be provided with a copy.

The council briefly discussed the Capital Improvement List, which included planning for a new Senior-Veterans-Community Center, tennis courts and flood control.

In a farewell to longstanding council members Tony Chatterley and Steve Mower, Mayor Nina Laycook presented them with Wonderstone plaques and praises for their dedicated work for the city.

Chatterley promoted expansion and development of Kanab’s Fire Department, including the hiring of Fire Chief Joe Decker, and strongly supported the swimming pool.

Mower headed up Western Legends Round-up for several years helping make it a greatly anticipated annual event. Kanab citizens owe them both a thank you for their years of service.

The Kanab City Council will not meet on Tuesday, December 27.  The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 10 at 6:30 p.m. for the work meeting and 7 p.m. for the regular meeting.  They will be regularly scheduled the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month after that.