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Southern Utah News Front Page: August 21, 2014

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Welcome to Western Legends Round-Up! 

The longhorn cattle are back for this year’s Western Legends Round-Up Parade at high noon on August 23, 2014.

By Dixie Brunner

Come have a heapin’ helpin’ of fun and hospitality at the 2014 Western Legends Round-Up! The fun, event-packed weekend features folk life and folklore workshops, providing an opportunity to not only get a taste of old west culture, but taste some great food, browse a western arts and crafts show, and be entertained by many talented musicians.

“We’re excited to host the annual Western Legends Round-Up,” said Kanab Mayor Robert Houston. As an original founder of the event, Houston’s pride runs deep! “Western Legends is a wonderful event, and we are going to have some great entertainment this year. The City of Kanab welcomes you, we hope you have a terrific time during the Round-Up, and we hope you come back for a visit!”

The 16th annual event, held this year on August 21-24, proudly honors the western heritage of southern Utah and northern Arizona. Western Legends Round-Up weekend highlights this area’s ‘real’ and ‘reel’ cowboys.

The ‘real’ cowboys settled, ranched, and etched out a life in this beautiful, remote, but challenging environment. They are those who we reflect on with respect and appreciation for their contributions to our community’s heritage.

If you want to experience your own ‘western adventure,’ watch for the Old West Wagon Train when it pulls into town. The all-inclusive four day/three night wagon train arrive in Kanab on August 21, around 2:30 p.m. It will offer a lifetime experience for those who participated, and great photo-ops for those who just want the visuals!

The ‘real’ cowboys are two outstanding former local citizens, Thomas Chamberlain and Wesley Theo McAllister, who will be honored for their significant contributions to Kanab’s past. The local honoree presentations will be held on Friday, August 22, before the main show at the Kanab High School Auditorium. 

Events honoring the real west will be featured all weekend! There will be a host of activities including; western folklore workshops, cowboy action shooting, mountain man camp, quilt show, antique equipment working displays, general blacksmithing, and Dr. Buck’s Wild West Gunfight and Stunt Show.

Kanab earned its “Little Hollywood” reputation honestly. Chances are you’ve already visited this wildly beautiful landscape – via the silver screen! The southern Utah and northern Arizona area provided set locations for literally hundreds of movies and TV shows.

The 2014 Western Legends Round-Up proudly honors movie legend Joel McCrae as its ‘reel’ cowboy, star of the movie “Buffalo Bill!” Special ‘reel’ celebrity guests in town for the weekend include: James Drury, Clint Walker, Neil Summers, Wyatt McCrea, Dan Haggerty, Robert Fuller, Darby Hinton, Roberta Shore, Ed Faulkner, Cheryl Rogers Barnett, Alex Cord and Don Collier.. 

Western Legends Round-Up activities to honor ‘reel’ cowboys and Kanab’s historic ‘Little Hollywood’ years are plentiful. Some highlights include: celebrity star autograph signing, movie location tours, celebrity panel discussions, Little Hollywood Walk of Fame plaque presentations, western film festival, and renowned movie historian James D’Arc’s film and lecture on the movie “Buffalo Bill,” starring Joel McCrae.

2014 Little Hollywood plaque honorees are Ken Curtis, Sidney Poitier, Linda Darnell, John Smith and Tex Ritter. The presentation is at 1:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon at the Pony Express stage.

The Western Legends Street Fair that runs August 21-23 on Main Street is a late summer treat. Shop and visit with local artisans showing off their wares. Fabulous food is available, with two stages (Pony Express and Wild West) featuring practically non-stop entertainment by some of the best regional talent around!

Signature performers for Western Legends weekend at the Kanab High School Auditorium are Lynn Anderson, plus the Rollie Stevens Band on Thursday night, cowboy poet Waddie Mitchell and new country singer Trinity Seely on Friday night, and The Sons of the Pioneers, plus Stan Corliss on Saturday evening.

Come enjoy Western Legends Round-Up weekend – we’re glad you’re here!

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