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Southern Utah News Front Page: July 2, 2015

Southern Utah News Front Page Photo

Kanab hiker found dead in San Juan County

By Dixie Brunner

Kanab resident Kenneth Johnson, 69, was found dead near his vehicle in San Juan County’s Davis Canyon. Johnson was an archeological site enthusiast, and was well-known locally for that passion. 

Johnson was reported missing on June 21, with his vehicle description, a 2006 Jeep Liberty, given to southern Utah law enforcement. He had been last seen in Monticello, and was said to be visiting sites in that area. 

National Park Service rangers and San Juan County Sheriff’s Office deputies discovered his body after responding to a report of his vehicle discovered stuck in the sand in Davis Canyon. 

Johnson’s body was found under a tree, approximately 50 feet from the vehicle, shovel still in hand. There were digging marks near the vehicle, indicating that he had made an attempt to dig his vehicle out, but tired from heat or exertion.

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